The Truth Behind Senator Rick Santorum’s Earmarks

By Adam Wetmiller:

rick-santorum-for-president-2012Unfortunately we hear a lot about earmarks when other candidates refer to Rick Santorum but it is about time voters hear the truth behind these earmarks.

During the early stages of both the Afghan and Iraqi wars, an early threat to the lives of our brave soldiers became apparent: IEDs. At the time our troops were equipped with Humvees that did little to stop an IED attack. I know this because there is now a post office on Hillsboro Blvd. and Lyons Rd. named after a good friend I lost in such an attack PFC Daniel Agami. In Congress at the time there was talk about an armored vehicle, that we now know as the MRAV, which has saved countless lives. The Pentagon at the time denied funding for the development of this vehicle. Senator Rick Santorum among others EARMARKED funds for the development of this vehicle which has been instrumental in clearing paths to insurgent strongholds and saving American lives. The Pentagon has since funded the project.

I am sure all who read this are familiar with the drones that we hear about on a daily basis. AGAIN, a program in which the Pentagon opted not to fund. Again Senator Rick Santorum amongst others earmarked funds to develop these drone which have been instrumental in not only saving lives but also providing key reconnaissance on insurgent movements and supply chains

Last but surely not least lets speak on the LARGEST earmark Senator Rick Santorum brought back to the state of Pennsylvania. Senator Rick Santorum earmarked funds for a doctor who was working on a ground breaking project, the regeneration of limps, appendages, etc. This project is not being funded by the federal government and has benefited thousands of wounded warriors.

Does this sound like a man on a shopping spree or a man who thoroughly researched projects and allocated funds towards developments than can TRULY help Americans?


PFC Daniel Agami

5 comments on “The Truth Behind Senator Rick Santorum’s Earmarks

  1. Thank you for setting the record straight. How about an ad to put this before the people who don’t read your column because they are not pro-Rick?

  2. Romney has turned the Republican race into a horrible, despicable character assassination that has nothing to do with issues, but just misinformation that sounds believable only because taken out of context. WHY DOES THIS MAN WANT TO BECOME A PRESIDENT AT ALL COST…RELYING MOSTLY ON MUDSLINGING AND CRASS POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM? And this guy once was a MORMON BISHOP. !!

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