Setting the Record Straight on Senator Rick Santorum’s Stance on US Military and National Defense

By Brian Hughes

rick-santorum-for-president-2012I would like to set the record straight, The rumors floating around out there about Senator Rick Santorum not being for our US Military or a strong National defense are lies. The truth is that Senator Santorum is PRO-US MILITARY AND PRO-STRONG NATIONAL DEFENSE. Stop listening to the sounds bites the media feeds you and do your own research.

Here are some facts about Senator Rick Santorum from his resume published on

“In 2003, Rick authored and successfully fought for the passage of the “Syria Accountability Act” to combat the terrorist threat posed by Syria.  By 2005, Rick was one of our nation’s first leaders to understand the threat posed by Iran, so he authored and passed the “Iran Freedom and Support Act” in the face of Democratic and Bush State Department opposition, which authorized Federal monies to support pro-democracy movements in Iran and keep the tyrannical dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

Though the war in Iraq was unpopular in 2006, Rick refused to shy away from his belief that we need to confront our enemies. Though ridiculed by many in the mainstream media as a chicken little for talking about the threat posed by Ahmadinejad and Iran, Rick spent much of his campaign focused on the gathering storm that our enemies pose. In an election that was a referendum on the war, Rick was defeated.

Though he lost at the ballot box, Rick has not stopped fighting for the defense of our nation.  Since leaving the Senate in 2007, Rick created the “Program to Protect America’s Freedom” at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, where he worked to identify, study, and heighten awareness of the threats posed to America.  Through his work, Rick spoke at dozens of university campuses and to thousands of college students about the threats to our nation and how it is critical that the next generation of leaders not back down, but defend our nation.”

Here are some links to help you make an informed decision.

As you can plainly see after reading the quotes from his published resume and the articles from the links, the accusations are obviously false and have been used to try to smear Senator Santorum because he has become such a serious contender in the 2012 Presidential race. Especially, since it is now official that he won in Iowa by 34 votes.

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