Before I Cast My Vote Tomorrow, I Have Something To Say…


By David Crespo

senator-rick-santorum-for-president-2012Tomorrow is when I will cast my vote. Many people will tell me that my vote will be wasted. Well here’s my argument: voting against your conscience is a wasted vote. Selling your principles to be on the winning team is a wasted vote. I will make the right choice, because my vote is never for sale. God knows that if I’m ever to fight, it will be for the right reasons and for a just cause, the cause of liberty.

To my fellow Christians, who are on opposite teams: tears come out of my eyes, knowing that I must fight you. When I joined this fight, I never thought that I will be going against my brothers and sisters in Christ. We both pray to the same God, carry the same Bible, seeking supplications from the same Divine Being, asking Him to take sides. I’m never worried about God siding with the right, I am only hoping that I’m on His side. Know this, that I carry no malice against you, as I fight for my beliefs.

To the Republican Establishment, the Globalist powers and Council on Foreign Relations who have rigged this election to be the candidates you have chosen, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, I have one thing to say to you: YOU WILL NEVER WIN! You may fool my Christian and TEA Party friends,but you can never fool me, for God has opened my eyes to the truth and has revealed to me your true colors.

I will stand and fight, because my love for God and country is filled with passion, it burns deep within the depths of my soul. If I am to lose, I will make you bleed for it. I will ensure that your victory will be costly. For I serve the God of this universe, who has the power to give and take away. Because in the end, every one of you globalist bastards will face the Lord on judgment day and you will all be held accountable for your crimes against humanity and your crimes against liberty.

To my Santorum friends: do not listen to lies of the enemy. Victory is around the corner and we will win this fight. I may not know what tomorrow may hold, but I have resolved to give God my best and leave Him to do the rest. Whether we win or lose tomorrow, it will not be over, we still have 46 more territories to fight for and I will give my all to conquer every single one of them.

Let us then cast our vote for Rick Santorum tomorrow and make a loud statement to the Republican Establishment bastards: That we are still here and that we will fight and fight and fight until we have won our liberty!


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3 comments on “Before I Cast My Vote Tomorrow, I Have Something To Say…

  1. I respect you for what you had to say. I’ve been told by many people that if I refuse to vote for Romney, should he get the nomination, that I’m wasting my vote or handing it to Obama. I will not vote for someone who has policies that have caused services offered by my Church to close their doors. I have compromised on a lot of things this election but that is where I draw the line.

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