A Reagan Democrats View on Rick Santorum and why he Should be President


By Sean Keller

rick-santorum-republican-presidential-candidate-2012-conservative-ronald-reagan-democratsWell I am writing this article on the behest of my friend who asked me to discuss why Reagan Democrats should vote for and support Senator Rick Santorum.  First, I will take a moment to explain to you the definition of a Reagan Democrat.  “The term was coined when traditionally Democratic voters were drawn to Ronald Reagan in the early 1980s for his social conservatism and fiscal responsibility.”  Now that you understand what a Reagan Democrat is let us now begin.

As I sit here I ask myself a fundamental question of relationships that all psychiatrists ask you to make when you think you may be in a bad situation.  Are you in a safer, better situation because the person you have aligned yourself enables this feeling.  Maybe you find yourself saying, “No this person makes me feel a little less whole of who I was before I met them.”  I am not saying that Obama is a bad person or questioning his religious beliefs.  We are a free country that promotes freedom of religion.   What I am saying is, “There has to be someone who represents my blue collar construction work ethic, while upholding my social and economic conservative beliefs.”  I believe that is Rick Santorum and not Mitt Romney.

I believe that your word is your bond.  If you state your belief in something, stick to that belief. I realize that sometimes when new facts come to light we may need to change our views this is only natural.  Except that one cannot constantly change your views and hold credibility.  I feel that with Mitt Romney I cannot trust him to stick to his word because he has changed his position so many times.

Health Care For example;

Romney, June 24, 2009: “Well, that’s what we did in Massachusetts, and that is, we put together an exchange, and the president’s copying that idea. I’m glad to hear that.” Watch video

Romney, Oct. 18, 2011: “Obamacare is bad news … and if I’m president of the United States I will repeal it.” Transcript and Video

I could write an article on Romney’s Political gaffs but I will use only one too illustrate my point.

Not only is your word your bond, in order to win the Presidency you need to energize your base and connect with the voter. This is something that Romney continues to struggle to do.  When I was watching him give his victory speech in Michigan last night I had the feeling that he was a car salesman trying to sell me on something I know I already want. Mitt we understand your views but we do not understand you. I keep asking myself who is this guy really?

When Rick gave his speech in Iowa stating about his grandfather, “And all I could do — eye level — was look at his hands. They were enormous hands. And all I could think was those hands dug freedom for me.”

I looked down at my calloused hands from doing construction and thought of my father who just passed away last year and those hard callused hands he had.  Not just from working on the railways of the light rail transit of Pittsburgh, but those who also fought as a Navy Seal. He gave up his youth to give me, and so many others the freedoms we take for granted. Rick touched something so very personal and deep within my core.  For the first time I thought, wow a candidate that I can relate to on at least some level.

Not only does he stir up my deep convictions he also cherishes my views of balancing the budget and cutting taxes. No one wants to talk about cutting programs for the poor and needy, but it is an issue that needs to be addressed. I am not against welfare or helping others who have lost their jobs and need to collect unemployment. What I am against is Americans who abuse the system and make it a way of life.  Since I do construction in a State that has bad winters I collect unemployment when I am laid off due to lack of work because of inclement weather.  But I do not make it a way of life it is something I do so that I can get through 3 months of inclement weather then I go back to work.  Rick’s work on the Welfare Reform act of 1996 was a great piece of legislation that helped many Americans escape the poverty line and enter back into the workforce.

In addition to that he also championed reform entitlement programs to cut spending.  We blue collar workers do hard manual labor that requires a disciplined work effort.  Rick champions these ideas.  My only concern is that Rick is now supporting the right to work effort, which I feel is a bad choice.  Since I am in the Labor Union I feel that it is imperative that we be able to negotiate for better wages and health care.  The Right to Work Law takes away these collective bargaining rights.  Now I can understand that policeman, teachers and local officials should not be able to go on strike and paralyze a city. Here is what Santorum said about the Right to Work Law in a Debate on September 22nd 2011. Those of us who do construction work on highways; bridges and sewer systems should have the right to collectively bargain.  I would only hope Rick would change his views on this one issue and go back to his roots of supporting the Union on this one issue.

Finally, the issue that has recently been hurting Santorum is his hard line religious views, and the topic of contraception (Santorum never said he wanted to ban birth control).  The majority of Americans feel that the use of contraception is not morally wrong. I feel that most women should have the right to use contraception if they so choose.  I understand that it is against the Catholic faith to use contraception, but not everyone that works for the Catholic hospitals, schools and churches are Catholic.  The law does not force people to use contraception; it only makes it an available choice for women.  But once again I commend Rick for staying true to his beliefs and doing what he feels is right.  Once again I say we know who Rick is unlike, Mitt.  Watch Rick Santorum’s interview on Meet the Press with David Gregory on the topic of contraception.

In conclusion, if you are a Reagan Democrat trying to make a choice for a President that upholds your values and gets you motivated to champion your fiscal and social conservative values Rick Santorum is the obvious choice.  I urge any Reagan Democrat who is looking for an alternative to Obama to take a good look at Rick Santorum and his views.  Furthermore, for those Republicans who are on the fence, just ask yourself, “Can Mitt Romney win the votes of moderate democrats and independents?” Take a look at a head to head comparison of Romney’s and Santorum’s election records.

If you truly want to vote President Obama out of office, you are going to need someone to win over independents and Reagan Democrats.  No Republican can win the Presidency without these votes.  So think long and hard about that and make the obvious choice for Rick Santorum. There is a lot more I would like to talk about but I will save it for another time.  I hope that those that read this keep an open mind.  Remember this is only my opinion.

Help Rick Santorum send Barack Obama packing!

Edited by Brian Hughes

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Rick Santorum a Champion on Conservative Issues and His Record Proves It


by Dennis Dupuis



  • Strong on Values!  
  • Strong on Life!
  • Strong on Liberty and the Constitution!
  • Strong on the 2’nd Amendment!
  • Strong on Border Security!
  • Strong on fiscal conservatism

Here’s  the Facts!

Rick Santorum has received an A- on issues of border control and illegal immigration. By far the best grade among all presidential candidates currently. Rick is not an isolationist when it comes to issues of National Security. Rick will defend the United States and our Allies, promoting liberty and freedom!


Rich Santorum receives an A+ lifetime score from National Rifle Association.


Rick Santorum secures Conservative Christian endorsement from Evangelical Leaders!


Rick Santorum receives high standards on pro-life issues

Rick Santorum, the true pro-life candidate!

As you can see by the endorsement ratings listed below. pro choice liberal groups score Rick Santorum almost consistently 0%, while pro life ratings are 100%

Here’s the Proof!

Rick Santorum debates Barbara Boxer on partial birth abortion bill in Senate 1998.


2006 Planned Parenthood – Positions 0%

2005 NARAL Pro-Choice America – Positions 0%

2004 NARAL Pro-Choice America – Positions 0%

2003-2004 National Right to Life Committee – Positions 100%

2003 NARAL Pro-Choice America – Positions 0%

2001-2002 National Right to Life Committee – Positions 100%

2001 NARAL Pro-Choice America – Positions 0%

2001 Planned Parenthood – Positions 0%

2000 NARAL Pro-Choice America – Positions 20%

1999-2002 National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association – Positions 0%

1999-2000 National Right to Life Committee – Positions 100%

1999 NARAL Pro-Choice America – Positions 0%

1999 National Right to Life Committee – Positions 100%

1999 Planned Parenthood – Positions 0%

1997-1998 National Right to Life Committee – Positions 100%

1997 NARAL Pro-Choice America – Positions 0%

1997 National Right to Life Committee – Positions 100%

1996-2003 Planned Parenthood – Positions 0%

1996 NARAL Pro-Choice America – Positions 0%

1996 National Right to Life Committee – Positions 100%

1995-2004 National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association – Positions 0%

1995-1998 Planned Parenthood – Positions 0%

1993-1996 Planned Parenthood – Positions 5%


On fiscal conservatism

Rick Santorum, one of the most fiscally conservative as rated by the National Taxpayers Union:


NTU’s scoring paints a radically different picture of Santorum’s 12-year tenure in the Senate (1995 through 2006) than one would glean from the rhetoric of the Romney campaign.  Fifty senators served throughout Santorum’s two terms:  25 Republicans, 24 Democrats, and 1 Republican/Independent.  On a 4-point scale (awarding 4 for an A, 3.3 for a B+, 3 for a B, 2.7 for a B-, etc.), those 50 senators’ collective grade point average (GPA) across the 12 years was 1.69 — which amounts to a C-.  Meanwhile, Santorum’s GPA was 3.66 — or an A-.  Santorum’s GPA placed him in the top 10 percent of senators, as he ranked 5th out of 50.

Across the 12 years in question, only 6 of the 50 senators got A’s in more than half the years.  Santorum was one of them.  He was also one of only 7 senators who never got less than a B.  (Jim Talent served only during Santorum’s final four years, but he always got less than a B, earning a B- every year and a GPA of 2.7.)  Moreover, while much of the Republican party lost its fiscal footing after George W. Bush took office — although it would be erroneous to say that the Republicans were nearly as profligate as the Democrats — Santorum was the only senator who got A’s in every year of Bush’s first term.  None of the other 49 senators could match Santorum’s 4.0 GPA over that span.



Citizens Against Government Waste told us that Santorum left the Senate in 2006 with a lifetime rating of 80 percent with the anti-earmarks organization, ranking him in the top 25 percent of Senate Republicans. That put Santorum in CAGW’s “Taxpayer Hero” category.

And the fiscally conservative National Taxpayers Union provides a flattering big-picture assessment of Santorum’s voting record on fiscal issues. The NTU looks at legislators’ votes on everything from taxes to spending to debt regulation and fiscal policy in general and then grades them. You can see all of the Republican candidates’ scores here. NTU doesn’t provide a composite score for legislators, but in yearly grades issued during Santorum’s Senate years, NTU gave him an “A” grade seven times, a “B+” three times and a “B” twice. He also got Bs in his last three years in the House (as far back as the NTU ratings go). Santorum got better grades than most of his fellow Republicans during his 12 years as a senator.

“Some would say that would average closer to an A- grade, while others would say it’s closer to a B+,” Pete Sepp, executive vice president of NTU told us in an email. “We tend to choose the side of caution when speaking about any lawmaker’s average, because it’s also important to examine the individual parts of the overall record.”

– Robert Farley http://factcheck.org/2012/02/romney-vs-santorum-a-misleading-contrast/#.Tz7AuB5cytM.facebookExcerpt

One source is Club for Growth, who give excellent summaries of where candidate stand and how they acted on economic and fiscal issues. Key points on Santorum:

Santorum has consistently supported broad-based tax cuts and opposed tax increases either by sponsoring key legislation or by casting votes on relevant bills.  Some high profile votes include:

  • Voted NO on the Clinton tax hike in 1993
  • Voted YES on the capital gains tax cut in 1997
  • Voted NO on a cigarette tax hike in 1998
  • Voted YES on repeal of the Alternative Minimum Tax in 1999
  • Voted YES on the 2001 Bush tax cuts
  • Voted YES to repeal the Death Tax in 2002
  • Voted YES to the 2003 Bush tax cuts
  • Voted YES to extend the Bush tax cuts in 2006

Here are his ratings from when he was in Congress:

American Conservative Union — 88%

National Right to Life Committee — 100%

Americans for Tax Reform — 95%

National Tax Limitation Committee — 92%

U.S. Chamber of Commerce — 88%

League of Private Property Voters — 94%


Here is what John Hawkins/a professional blogger who runs Right Wing News had to say of Santorum’s fiscal plan:cutting $5 trillion of federal spending within 5 years, freezing spending levels for 5 years, a Balanced Budget Amendment that caps spending at 18% of GDP, implementing Paul Ryan’s Medicare reforms, reforming Social Security, freezing the pay of non-defense workers for 4 years, and eliminating the funding for Obamacare. That is an agenda that should get the blood pumping for fiscal hawks who’ve been disappointed in the conservative leadership from D.C. over the last few years.Based on: http://www.ricksantorum.com/spending-cuts-and-entitlements-reform

John Hawkins went on to say:Romney supported the McCain-Kennedy amnesty, TARP, Cap and Trade, and Obamacare was based on Romneycare. Those are huge issues that go right off the table if Mitt becomes the nominee. Santorum, on the other hand, voted against McCain-Kennedy, has an A- grade from NumbersUSA on illegal immigration, opposed TARP, voted against Cap and Trade, and opposed Obamacare. Being on the right side of those elephantine issues may be the difference between victory and defeat in 2012 and Santorum has credibility there, while Romney doesn’t.

The numbers reveal the TRUE conservative and here’s the stats to prove it:




Help Rick Santorum send Barack Obama packing!


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Uh Oh! Newt Gingrich Co-Sponsored a Bill with Pelosi That Funded Planned Parenthood?


By Brian Hughes

I wrote this Blog in hopes to stop the Newt supporters from attacking Santorum’s vote for Title X. It’s counterproductive in our main objective, which is to win the GOP nomination over Mitt Romney and to send Barack Obama packing.

As the GOP race for the Republican nomination continues on, we have seen several changes in the tides. We are now left with only four Candidates, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul. It has definitely been a roller coaster watching the surge’s and declines. We have seen Rick Santorum surge in Iowa at just the right time to take away a victory from front runner Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney walked away with a victory in New Hampshire and Florida. After a spectacular debate performance from Newt Gingrich when he flattened King for asking about his ex-wife’s story of them agreeing to have an open marriage, he surged and won South Carolina. Santorum amazingly swept three States in one night, Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado giving him a tremendous momentum to not only gain National favor but also generated record breaking numbers for the campaign’s fundraising.

Now we are approaching another big Tuesday, Arizona and Michigan. As a result of Senator Santorum’s success and popularity he has become the brunt of attacks. After the debate on CNN in Arizona, Santorum has been getting attacks about his vote for Title X which gave funding to planned parenthood. Rick defended his vote and explained to the viewers that it was a very large bill that had funding for family planning services attached to it. He expressed again that he would work to defund planned parenthood if elected.

I would like to bring to the attention of all the Newt Gingrich supporters that are smearing Santorum for his vote for Title X.

Newt Gingrich co-sponsored a bill with Nancy Pelosi named the Global Warming Prevention Act of 1989, and in this bill over $3.3 Billion were appropriated to planned parenthood for voluntary abortions in a five year span which also included funds for the U.N. Population Fund. Below is the exact language of TITLE XI–WORLD POPULATION GROWTHSEC. 1102. FAMILY PLANNING SERVICES.


(a) POLICY- It is the policy of the United States that family planning services should be made available to all persons requesting them.

(b) AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS- There are authorized to be appropriated a minimum of $500,000,000 for fiscal year 1991, $540,000,000 for fiscal year 1992, and $580,000,000 for each of fiscal years 1993, 1994, and 1995 for family planning services provided under authorized programs. Of the funds appropriated, not less than 16 percent, or $60,000,000, whichever is less, shall be available annually for the United Nations Population Fund.

I really hope this can stop all the mud slinging coming from Newt Gingrich supporters that feel it’s necessary to tear down Santorum. All four Candidates are Republicans but it’s obvious that two of them are on the Conservative side of the aisle and the other two are on the liberal side of the aisle. Or in Ron Paul’s case Liberalterian.

It’s now a level playing field between Newt and Santorum on this issue. Yes Newt cosponsored a bill with Pelosi that funded Planned Parenthood but he has since then had a conversion as he states and has a good pro-life voting record. He also states that he will defund Planned Parenthood if elected. Yes Santorum voted for Title X that funded Planned Parenthood but he counter balanced that by supporting Title XX and has a consistent pro-life record. He also has stated that he would defund Planned Parenthood if elected.

Both camps have the same objective, to be the conservative alternative to Mitt Romney and of course Barack Obama. We are wasting so much time and energy attacking each other that could be better used going after Romney and Obama. Trust me when I say if Newt Gingrich gets the nomination I will support him but in the mean time I will continue to support my first choice Rick Santorum.

Help Rick Santorum send Barack Obama packing


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Select One: Conservative or Moderate?


By Jesse Biter

rick-santorum-republican-presidential-candidate-2012-jesse-biterFor almost a year now, I have been a strong supporter of Rick Santorum’s campaign for President and for much of that time, the liberal media has attempted to discredit and even ignore his campaign. Since his victory in Iowa and even more recently his three State sweep earlier this month, Rick Santorum has surged into contention and is now leading in polls across the country. This is great news for his campaign and more importantly, for the country.

I firmly believe that Rick Santorum is exactly who we need in the White House. He is the proven fiscal and social conservative in the race and he understands that in order to have a strong country, we must have strong families. I personally know Rick Santorum and can vouch for his character and desire to help turn America away from the liberal, big-spending future that Obama has led us towards and instead, lead America towards a future of less government, more freedom and a restoration of prosperity.

The 4th quarter is approaching and we need all the resources we can gather to help counter the establishment & media’s preference in this race. Are you willing to help a proven Conservative reach the White House? Please click here to donate $10, $25, or $100 (or whatever you can comfortably) to Rick Santorum’s campaign for President.

Thank you for your time & willingness to be a Republican voice in your community,

Jesse Biter
Florida Chair, Rick Santorum for President


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Comparing Santorum’s and Romney’s Election Records Show Santorum has the Best Chance to Defeat Obama


By Brian Hughes

By comparison of Santorum’s and Romney’s election record it becomes clearly obvious that Santorum has a better chance at defeating Democratic incumbent President Barack Obama. While Rick Santorum has 2 wins against Democratic incumbents including 2 re-elections and 1 loss, Mitt Romney only has 1 win against a Democratic incumbent with no re-elections and 2 losses. Santorum is the best choice hands down for the Republican nomination to go up against Obama with a record of 4 wins to 1 loss in comparison to Romney’s 1 win to 2 losses.


In 1990, at age 32, Santorum was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives to represent Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district, located in the eastern suburbs of Pittsburgh. He scored a significant upset in the heavily Democratic district, defeating seven-term Democratic incumbent Doug Walgren by a 51%-49% margin. Although the 18th District was redrawn for the 1992 elections, and the new district had a 3:1 ratio of registered Democrats to Republicans, Santorum still won re-election with 61% of the vote.

Santorum served in the United States Senate representing Pennsylvania from 1995 to 2007. From 2001 until 2007, he was the Senate’s third-ranking Republican. He was first elected to the Senate during the 1994 Republican takeover, narrowly defeating incumbent Democrat Harris Wofford 49% to 47%. He was re-elected in 2000, defeating U.S. Congressman Ron Klink by a 52%-46% margin.

Romney decided to take on longtime incumbent Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy. In the November general election, despite a disastrous showing for Democrats overall, Kennedy won the election with 58 percent of the vote to Romney’s 41 percent, the smallest margin in Kennedy’s eight re-election campaigns for the Senate.

Romney was sworn in as the 70th governor of Massachusetts on January 2, 2003. Both houses of the Massachusetts state legislature held large Democratic majorities. Midway through his term, Romney decided that he wanted to stage a full-time run for president, and on December 14, 2005, Romney announced that he would not seek re-election for a second term as governor.

Mitt Romney lost to John McCain for the Republican Nomination in the 2008 Presidential race.


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List of Endorsements and Supporters for Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum


By Katie Gorman BorweySeth Riggio and 7 others

Last Updated: 02/15/2012


Alabama- Congressman Robert Aderholt

Alabama- Dr. Gina  (The Dr. Gina show, talk radio 101.1 in Alabama)

Alabama- Richard Rutledge, Conservative Party Alabama Chairman

Alex and Brett Harris, co-founders of Huck’s Army

Alex and Brett Harris, founders of The Rebelution

The American Tea Man (Tea Party Member, theamericanteaman.com)

Arizona- Arizona Right to Life Political Action Committee

Arizona- John Huppenthal, Superintendent of Public Institution

Bob Vander Plaats, president and CEO of The Family Leader

Brad Thor, bestselling novelist

Brian Burch, President CatholicVote.org Candidate Fund

California- Ken Campbell, Conservative leader


Christians for a Moral America

Citizen Wells News

Colorado- Bob Schaffer (former Congressman and US Senate Candidate)

Colorado- David Schultheis (former State Senator)

Colorado- Frank DeFilippo (former State Representative)

Colorado- Gary Ellis (Montrose County Commissioner)

Colorado- Jane Norton (former Lt Governor and US Senate Candidate)

Colorado- Jayne Schindler (President, Eagle Forum of Colorado)

Colorado- John Sampson (Candidate for State Senate, CO-25)

Colorado- Kathy Ellis (Mayor of Montrose, CO)

Colorado- Kent Lambert (State Senator)

Colorado- Pat Miller (former State Representative)

Colorado- Scott Renfroe (State Senator)

Colorado- Sean Conway (Weld County Commission)

Colorado- Sue Sharkey (Board of Regents, Univ of Colorado)

Colorado- Tom Tancredo (former Congressman and 2008 Rep Pres Candidate)

Colorado- Wade Troxell (Fort Collins City Councilmember)

Concerned Women for America President Penny Nance

Conservative HQ Chairman Richard Viguerie

Conservative Party USA, and all affiliates

Dan Davidson, co-creator of the “Stuck on Huck” radio program. Now “We Pick Rick Radio”

Dave Mustaine (Megadeath Frontman, Musician/Singer)

David Limbaugh (Rush’s brother)

Donna Joy Vance, Partial Birth Abortion Poster Baby

Ed Morrissey, Hot Air.com

Elaine Donnelly, Center for Military Readiness

Family Research Council

Florida- Jim Naugle, former Mayor of Fort Lauderdale

Florida- John Stemberger, President of Florida Family Policy Council

Florida- Latin Builder’s Association of Florida

Florida- Representative Scott Plakon

Foster Friess, businessman and founder of Friess Associates

Foster Friess, Investor and Billionaire

Gary Bauer, President of American Values

Georgia- State Representative Sam Teasley

Georgia- Tim Echols, Georgia Public Service Commission

Glenn Beck, TV and Radio host

Greg Spero, conservative activist

Hogan Gidley, Senior Huckabee staffer National Communications

Illinois- Al Salvi, former US Senate nominee

Illinois – Charlene Foss-Eggemann, President, Republican Women of Park Ridge

Illinois – Joseph Hedrick, Niles Twp. Republican Committeeman

Illinois – Karen Hayes, former state director, Concerned Women for America

Illinois- Penny Pullen, former State Rep, Pres of Eagle Forum IL

Illinois- Sandy Rios, Family PAC DC Vice Pres, former Chicago radio host

Illinois – Sharee Langenstein, Eagle Forum Nat’l Issues Chr. on Religious Liberty

Iowa- Ben Lange former Republican congressional candidate from Iowa’s 1st Cong District

Iowa- Chuck Hurley, President of the Iowa Family Policy Center

Iowa- Chuck Laudner, Conservative activist

Iowa- Des Moines-area minister, Rev. Terry Amann

Iowa- Des Moines City Councilman Halley Griess

Iowa- Dr. J. Albert Calaway, retired Pastor of 44 yrs, Founder of Truth,Values and Leadership

Iowa- Gary Gordon, pastor of Cornerstone Church in Sioux City,

Iowa- Halley Griess, Des Moines City Councilwoman

Iowa- HuckPAC leader Lori Jungling

Iowa- Kim Lehman, RNC National Committeeman

Iowa- Minister Terry Amann

Iowa- Oskaloosa News

Iowa- Sam Clovis, Sioux City talk radio host

Iowa- Secretary of State Matt Schultz

lowa- State Representative Dawn Pettengil,

Iowa- State Representative Tim Kapucian

Iowa- State Representative Walt Rogers

Jack Bond, Singer/Songwriter

James Dobson, Family Talk

Jerry Boykin, Army Lt. General (Orig. Delta Force)

Jerry Delemus (912 and Tea Party Leader)

Jill Stanek, passionate Pro-Life supporter and spur to the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, stars of 19 Kids and Counting

Joseph Farah, Founder, Editor and CEO of World Net Daily

Karen Testerman (Cornerstone Foundation Founder, Pres of First Principles)

Liberty Sons (Young Conservatives, Radio talk show hosts, bloggers)

Luana Stoltenberg, an abortion foe from the Quad Cities

Maggie Gallagher, former Chairman of the National Organization for Marriage

Mark Levin, Conservative Talk Radio Host

Megan Robnett, Conservative activist, creator-leader of social media at Santorums Corner

Michael Farris, President Home School Legal Defense Association

Michelle Malkin, Conservative, Fox News Contributer

Michigan- Chuck Yob, former National Committeman

Minnesota- David Sturrock, Former State GOP Treasurer

Minnesota- David Watkins, President- MN Assn of Christian Home Educators

Minnesota- Ed Matthews, former candidate for Congress

Minnesota- Ed Morrissey, National Blogger, HotAir.com

Minnesota- Gary and Mary Lynn Scott, Activists, LeSueur MN

Minnesota- Gary Borgendale, Local Ministry Director, Salem Communications Twin Cities

Minnesota- Justin Krych, Deputy Chair, 8th Cong Dist, GOP

Minnesota- K.J. McDonald, Mayor of Watertown, former State Rep

Minnesota- Marjorie Holsten, Minnesota Home School Advocate

Minnesota- Mary Kellett, Prenatal Partners for Life

Minnesota- Peter Adolphson, Former State Representative

Minnesota- Randy Gilbert, former Mayor of Long Lake

Minnesota- Representative Joe McDonald

Minnesota- Representive Mike LeMieur

Minnesota- Ron Carey, Former State GOP Chairman

Minnesota- Dr. Scott Wright, Former State GOP Exec Committee Member

Minnesota- Senator Ben Kruse

Minnesota- Senator Bill Ingrebristen

Minnesota- Senator Dan Hall

Minnesota- Senator David Brown

Minnesota- Senator David Hann

Minnesota- Senator David Thompson

Minnesota- Senator Gretchen Hoffman

Minnesota- Senator John Carlson

Minnesota- Senator Paul Gazelka

Minnesota- Senator Sean Nienow

Minnesota- Teresa Collett, former candidate for Congress

Missouri- Joe Ortwerth, St Charles County Exec

Missouri- Senator Jim Lembke

Nevada- David McGowan, former Clark County GOP Political Director

Nevada- Jeff McGowan, GOP leader

Nevada- Sharron Angle, NV Republican, Tea Party favorite

Nevada- Zach Moyle, former Executive Director of GOP

New Hampshire Carroll County Sheriff Christopher Conley

New Hampshire- Dan Hogan, Pro-Life Advocate

New Hampshire- Greg Spero, Conservative Activist Leader of Atkinson

New Hampshire- Minister Paul Berube

New Hampshire- Paul DiMarco (former Town Councilor for Londonderry)

New Hampshire- Representative Jason Antosz

New Hampshire- Representative Jeanine Notter

New Hampshire- Representative Lenette Peterson

New Hampshire- Representative Matt Swank

New Hampshire- Representative Wes Shuler

New Hampshire- Representative Gary Hopper

New Hampshire- Representative H. Bart Hardwick

New Hampshire- Representative Kirsten Schultz

New Hampshire- Representative Logan Chism

New Hampshire- Representative Regina Birdsell

New Hampshire- Representative Sue Delemus

New Hampshire- Rick Parent, New Hampshire former GOP Congressional candidate

New Hampshire- Senator Jim Luther

New Hampshire- TEA Party leader Jerry DeLemus

New Hampshire- Ted Maravelias, Conservative Activist Leader of Windham, NH

New Hampshire- Veteran Awareness Coalition (VAC)

North Carolina- Representative Jason Saine (District 97)

North Carolina- Representative Mark Hilton (District 96)

North Carolina- Representative Rayne Brown (District 81)

Ohio- Andy Douglas, Director of Christians for Constitutional Awareness

Ohio- Attorney General Mike DeWine (former Senator, former Romney delegate)

Ohio- Bobbi Radeck, State Director of Concerned Women for America of Ohio

Ohio- Brad Mattes, Executive Director of Life Issues Institute

Ohio- Burr Robinson, Chairman of Cincinnati East Tea Party

Ohio- Calvin Pauley, Miami Township Tea Party Screening Committee

Ohio- Crystal Gurry, Legislative Liaison of Concerned Women for America of Ohio

Ohio- Dawn Slike, Former Operations Director, Lake County Right to Life

Ohio- Debbie Smith, President of Warren County Right to Life

Ohio- Diane Stover, Director of NE Ohio Values Voters

Ohio- Glenn Newman, Founder of Marietta 912

Ohio- Joseph Platt, Board Member of Family First

Ohio- Kelly Kohls, Chairman of Warren County Tea Party

Ohio- Larry Heller, Leader of Miami Township Tea Party Ohio- Linda Theis, President of Ohio

ProLife Action

Ohio- Lori Viars, President of Conservative Republican Leadership Committee

Ohio- Marcie Garrison Longenecker, Executive Committee of Liberty Alliance Cincinnati

Ohio- Mark Lucas, Leader of Hilliard-Galloway Tea Party & 912

Ohio- Paula Westwood, Executive Director of Cincinnati Right to Life

Ohio- Phil Burress, President of Citizens for Community Values

Ohio- Scott Nichols, Co-Founder of Clermont County Tea Party

Ohio- State Representative Seth Morgan

Ohio- Sue Hardenbergh, Co-Leader of Anderson Tea Party

Ohio- Tom Zawistowski, Founder of Portage County Tea Party

Ohio- Tony Maas, Board Member of Family First

Oklahoma- Senator Jim Inhofe

Pat Boone, Singer/Radio Personality/Conservative

Penna Dexter, Radio Host and Commentator

Pennsylvania- Humane Society Legislative Fund

Pennsylvania- John Norvaisas (Former Democrat Councilman)

Pennsylvania- Phyllis Shlafly, Conservative Activist, Founder of Eagle Forum

Pennsylvania- Representative Glenn Thompson

Pennsylvania- Representative Lou Barletta

Pennsylvania- Representative Tom Marino

Pennsylvania- Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Jake Corman

Pennsylvania- Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati

Pennsylvania- Senator Bob Mensch

Pennsylvania- Senator Dave Argall

Pennsylvania- Senator Don White

Pennsylvania- Senator Gene Yaw

Pennsylvania- Senator John Eichelberger

Pennsylvania- Senator John Pippy

Pennsylvania- Senator Kim Ward

Pennsylvania- Senator Mike Folmer

Pennsylvania- Senate Majority Whip Pat Browne

Pennsylvania- Senator Richard Alloway

Pennsylvania- Senator Robert Tomlinson

Pennsylvania- State Senate GOP Caucus Chairman Mike Waugh

Pennsylvania- State Senate GOP Caucus Secretary Bob Robbins

Penny Nance, President and CEO of Concerned Women for America


Rupert Murdoch, Chairman and CEO of News Corporation

Shelley Ahlersmeyer, Senior Staffer & grassroots coordinator for Huck PAC

Social conservatives back Rick Santorum

South Carolina- Andy Patrick, SC State Representative

South Carolina- Bill Connor, SC GOP leader

South Carolina- Dr. Britt Blackwell, York County Council

South Carolina- Bruce Henderson, York County Councilman District #2

South Carolina- Cotton Cole, Lancaster County Councilman

South Carolina- Gresham Barrett, former Conressman

South Carolina- GOP Leader Patrick Haddon

South Carolina- GOP Leader Stephen Brown

South Carolina- Jane Hall, Spartanburg County District 4 Councilwoman

South Carolina- Keith Pounds, Director of the South Carolina Fathers Initiative (SCFI)

South Carolina- Kevin Moughan, Lancaster County County GOP Vice Chair

South Carolina- Larry McCullough, Lancaster County Councilman

South Carolina- Lisa Van Riper, Pro-life activist

South Carolina- Mark Palmer, York County Executive Committeeman

South Caroina- Michael Johnson, Fort Mill School Board

South Carolina- Representative Deborah Long

South Carolina- Republican Party Chairman Tim Callanan

South Carolina- Representative Andy Patrick

South Carolina- Representative Bill Herbkersman,

South Carolina- Representative Greg Delleney

South Carolina- Sandy McGarry, Lancaster County Chairwoman

South Carolina- Senator Chip Campsen

South Carolina- Senator Greg Gregory

South Carolina- Senator Larry Grooms

South Carolina- Tim Callanan, Berkeley County Republican Party Chairman

Stephen Cruiser, Comedian/Writer/Pundit

Steve Strang, The Strang Report

Susan B. Anthony List (Pro-Life National group)

Teen Defenders

Tennessee- Dr. Aaron Margulise (former Newt delegate, 2nd Congr District)

Tennessee- Dr. Leonard Brown (former Newt delegate, 2nd Congr District)

Tennessee- Scott Smith (former Newt delegate, 2nd Congr District)

Tennessee- Senator Stacey Campfield (former statewide county chairman for Newt)

Tennessee- TN GOP Assembly

Texas- Abby Johnson, Live Action Films

Texas- Cathie Adams, President Texas Eagle Forum

Texas- Craig James, US Senate Candidate

Texas- Michelle Smith, City Councilwoman of Rockwall TX

Texas- Richard Neill, Texas conservative leader

Tim Busch, Businessman

Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council

Victoria Jackson (former SNL actress, Tea Party member)

Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum

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Based on his Election Record Rick Santorum should get the MVP “Most Valuable Politician”


By Brian Hughes

Based on his Election Record Rick Santorum should get the MVP “Most Valuable Politician”. Santorum’s election record should be something of importance to the GOP since the goal is to win against incumbent Democratic president Barrack Obama. The GOP has obviously chosen Mitt Romney to be there nominee if he can make it. When you look at Romney’s election record it doesn’t really look like he’ll stand much of a chance against Obama. let’s take a look at a comparison of the two Republican Candidates election records and vote who you think would be more likely to defeat president Obama.


Graphic created by Integrity Marketing and Consulting

If you take an honest look at the comparison of these two GOP Candidate’s election records it becomes an easily obvious choice.

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VIDEO & POLL: Do You Believe That Rick Santorum Would Win More Debates if he Exhibited This Type of Passion?


Please watch this video of Rick Santorum debating with Barbara Boxer about the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act. People are saying if Santorum can tap into this type of passion and articulation that he would begin winning all the debates, from the GOP Presidential Debates all the way to Obama. Please answer the poll after watching this video.


Thank you for taking the time to watch this video and answering the poll.

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Conception or Implantation, Which one is it Newt?


By Brian Hughes

At first glance Newt Gingrich comes off like he is Pro-Life but when looked at closer you find something quite disturbing. There’s an article on CNSNews.com talking about Newt’s interview with ABC News’s Jake Tapper on Friday December 2nd. In this interview former speaker of the House Newt Gingrich said he believes life does not start at conception but at “implantation and successful implantation” because if you say life begins at conception “you’re going to open up an extraordinary range of very difficult questions.”

Rep. Bachmann put out a statement on Friday, expressing disagreement with what Gingrich had told ABC News.

“Newt Gingrich stated today that life begins at implantation not at conception,” said Bachmann. “But those who are truly involved in the life issue know that life begins at conception. Additionally, the former speaker’s description of the life issue as ‘practical’ is a rejection of the most sacred principle that each and every life has value, a principle recognized by our founders in the Declaration of Independence of the most basic right with which every human is endowed. This along with his inconsistent record on life is just one more indication that Newt is not dedicated to protecting the lives of the unborn and doesn’t share the most basic of conservative principles.”

One of the questions that arise is, “Does Newt Gingrich support “The Morning After Pill” also known as the “Plan B Pill”? This pill aborts a pregnancy, if taken before implantation.

It seems that Newt Gingrich cannot make up his mind on this issue. At the Thanksgiving Family Forum Dr. Frank Luntz asked Newt the same question, “When do you believe life begins?” Newt responded, “I believe life starts at conception”.

Three weeks later on ABC News Mr. Gingrich changed his answer to “I believe life starts at implantation and successful implantation”. The next day Gingrich posted a statement on his campaign website saying he does believe “human life begins at conception”.

Gingrich’s campaign also posted a questionnaire he submitted to the National Right to Life Committee on Nov. 23 in which he stated that he believes abortions should be legal in cases of rape and incest.

In an interview that was conducted in Iowa on Friday and posted on the website of ABC News, Tapper asked Gingrich directly when he thinks human life begins.

“Abortion is a big issue here in Iowa among conservative Republican voters and Rick Santorum has said you are inconsistent,” Tapper told Gingrich. “The big argument here is that you have supported in the past embryonic stem cell research and you made a comment about how these fertilized eggs, these embryos are not yet ‘pre-human’ because they have not been implanted. This has upset conservatives in this state who worry you don’t see these fertilized eggs as human life. When do you think human life begins?”

Gingrich responded: “Well, I think the question of being implanted is a very big question. My friends who have ideological positions that sound good don’t then follow through the logic of: ‘So how many additional potential lives are they talking about? What are they going to do as a practical matter to make this real?

These inconsistencies should be taken into consideration before we elect another politician that will say one thing and do another. After having three and half years of being lied to, we need to elect someone that we can trust will do what he says and has the record to prove it.

senator-rick-santorum-for-president-2012That is why I support Senator Rick Santorum for President. He is consistent in what he says and has a track record to prove it. Even if you don’t agree with something he says at least you know he won’t change his mind just to get a vote. That is integrity and good character, which are two things our next President needs to have.

Rick Santorum is a champion of faith, family and life. You can trust Santorum because he does what he says and has the record to prove it.


Read how Senator Santorum plans to turn around our economy.

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