Select One: Conservative or Moderate?


By Jesse Biter

rick-santorum-republican-presidential-candidate-2012-jesse-biterFor almost a year now, I have been a strong supporter of Rick Santorum’s campaign for President and for much of that time, the liberal media has attempted to discredit and even ignore his campaign. Since his victory in Iowa and even more recently his three State sweep earlier this month, Rick Santorum has surged into contention and is now leading in polls across the country. This is great news for his campaign and more importantly, for the country.

I firmly believe that Rick Santorum is exactly who we need in the White House. He is the proven fiscal and social conservative in the race and he understands that in order to have a strong country, we must have strong families. I personally know Rick Santorum and can vouch for his character and desire to help turn America away from the liberal, big-spending future that Obama has led us towards and instead, lead America towards a future of less government, more freedom and a restoration of prosperity.

The 4th quarter is approaching and we need all the resources we can gather to help counter the establishment & media’s preference in this race. Are you willing to help a proven Conservative reach the White House? Please click here to donate $10, $25, or $100 (or whatever you can comfortably) to Rick Santorum’s campaign for President.

Thank you for your time & willingness to be a Republican voice in your community,

Jesse Biter
Florida Chair, Rick Santorum for President


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