ATTN GINGRICH SUPPORTERS: We will not Defeat Romney if we Continue to Split the Conservative Vote


By Brian Hughes

Newt Gingrich gave it a great fight and had some great success’s along the way but I believe now is the time that we need to unite. I would like to call out to your conscience and ask you to sincerely pray and ask yourselves what you will do from here on out. The decision you make could determine the fate of this election. If we Conservatives really want to defeat Romney for the nomination then we need to unite and let our voices be heard together.

For those that want to make the argument that there is still time left, I would like to point out a few things. After Super Tuesdays results I do not agree with that. Please let me explain, as long as we continue to split the conservative vote, Mitt Romney will continue to win States that he would lose other wise. For example if Newt would have dropped out a week ago, by the numbers Santorum would have won Ohio and Georgia. This will continue to happen if we don not unite the conservative voice and we will end up with Mitt Romney the moderate flip flopper.

I would hope to consider what I am asking of you if the tables were turned and Newt was in the lead as the anti Romney but the facts are that he isn’t.

Primary and Caucus Results

Rick Santorum: 7 States

Newt Gingrich: 2 States

Delegate Totals so far

Rick Santorum: 169

Newt Gingrich: 118

See these results for yourself.

As you can see by these statistics it would not be logical for you to ask us to join with Gingrich at this point. That is why I feel it’s not inappropriate to make this request. I have not made this request before, but I am feeling a different sense of urgency now.

I have debated and argued with many of you into the late hours of the night and all throughout the day for many months now and I deeply respect your convictions and your undivided loyalty to your candidate and to our great Nation. But right now I’m asking each and every one of you to search your own heart and to look at the possibility of joining forces with us in supporting Rick Santorum. I know that if we do, it would be the final blow to Romney’s campaign we need. Please take this into consideration and thank you for taking the time to read it.

Please unite with us to help Rick Santorum get the Republican nomination

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9 comments on “ATTN GINGRICH SUPPORTERS: We will not Defeat Romney if we Continue to Split the Conservative Vote

  1. And you are wrong…there is no way in Hell that Santorum can beat Obama! Give me a break! Where are Santorum’s solutions….Newt Gingrich not only tells us hat changes he makes, but he tells us HOW he is going to do it.

    • I can’t agree with you more. Santorum has also alienated a good number of the women in the country. For the life of me I can’t see why people can’t get behind Newt Gingrich. People really need to open the eyes. If they don’t we’re going to get 4 more years of Obama.

  2. Newt Gingrich does have some solutions which are solid. But, mostly he is full of grandiose ideas, that have no chance in being implemented. Great guy, but way out ideas – moon colonies? I am supporting Rick Santorum, he has his feet solidly planted on earth – in the real world, connecting with real people. Rick understands – he gets it- Newt just doesn’t connect with the American people.

    • Moon colonies have been discussed ad nauseum within NASA for years. They are to be the precursor to Mars exploration. This is nothing new. Since Obama has cut the NASA budget space exploration is now on the back burner.
      No disrespect, but I think Newt does get it.
      Until Santorum starts to talk about the economy, jobs and taxes and provides strong solutions for those problems he will not win another election.
      He lost by 18% in his own state while trying to get reelected as senator…can we afford an Obama landslide?

  3. Gingrich supporters: voters are speaking. If people have voted for Santorum and he won primaries, FAR MANY MORE THAN GINGRICH, those same people will work to put him in the White House. Gingrich is not resonating for a variety of reasons, the same way Ron Paul is not resonating for a variety of DIFFERENT reasons. If Gingrich is losing to Paul at times, that’s an even more alarming wake-up call.

  4. Also note, if Gingrich wasn’t in the race this past Super Tuesday, Rick would have picked up Alaska in all likelihood as well. There was enough Gingrich votes there to put him over the top had those votes gone to Santorum instead. The win count would now show Santorum with 6 wins and Romney with 3, instead of currently Romeny with 5 and Santorum with 3. Big difference.

    • You could also say that Newt Gingrich may have benefited if Santorum wasn’t still in the race too.
      You may also want to go back and look at the delegates won so far and which ones are binding. There are quite a few.

  5. I fear that Newt’s pride will keep him from dropping out and thus he will hand the nomination to the Massachussetts moderate he claims to rail against. I love the Speaker’s flair and panache, but it is time to go quietly into the night. Also, for the naysayers that say Santorum cannot win a general election, I would just say that as Rush always says: “Conservatism wins every time it’s tried!”

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