Based on his Election Record Rick Santorum should get the MVP “Most Valuable Politician”


By Brian Hughes

Based on his Election Record Rick Santorum should get the MVP “Most Valuable Politician”. Santorum’s election record should be something of importance to the GOP since the goal is to win against incumbent Democratic president Barrack Obama. The GOP has obviously chosen Mitt Romney to be there nominee if he can make it. When you look at Romney’s election record it doesn’t really look like he’ll stand much of a chance against Obama. let’s take a look at a comparison of the two Republican Candidates election records and vote who you think would be more likely to defeat president Obama.


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If you take an honest look at the comparison of these two GOP Candidate’s election records it becomes an easily obvious choice.

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VIDEO & POLL: Do You Believe That Rick Santorum Would Win More Debates if he Exhibited This Type of Passion?


Please watch this video of Rick Santorum debating with Barbara Boxer about the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act. People are saying if Santorum can tap into this type of passion and articulation that he would begin winning all the debates, from the GOP Presidential Debates all the way to Obama. Please answer the poll after watching this video.


Thank you for taking the time to watch this video and answering the poll.

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