A Reagan Democrats View on Rick Santorum and why he Should be President


By Sean Keller

rick-santorum-republican-presidential-candidate-2012-conservative-ronald-reagan-democratsWell I am writing this article on the behest of my friend who asked me to discuss why Reagan Democrats should vote for and support Senator Rick Santorum.  First, I will take a moment to explain to you the definition of a Reagan Democrat.  “The term was coined when traditionally Democratic voters were drawn to Ronald Reagan in the early 1980s for his social conservatism and fiscal responsibility.”  Now that you understand what a Reagan Democrat is let us now begin.

As I sit here I ask myself a fundamental question of relationships that all psychiatrists ask you to make when you think you may be in a bad situation.  Are you in a safer, better situation because the person you have aligned yourself enables this feeling.  Maybe you find yourself saying, “No this person makes me feel a little less whole of who I was before I met them.”  I am not saying that Obama is a bad person or questioning his religious beliefs.  We are a free country that promotes freedom of religion.   What I am saying is, “There has to be someone who represents my blue collar construction work ethic, while upholding my social and economic conservative beliefs.”  I believe that is Rick Santorum and not Mitt Romney.

I believe that your word is your bond.  If you state your belief in something, stick to that belief. I realize that sometimes when new facts come to light we may need to change our views this is only natural.  Except that one cannot constantly change your views and hold credibility.  I feel that with Mitt Romney I cannot trust him to stick to his word because he has changed his position so many times.

Health Care For example;

Romney, June 24, 2009: “Well, that’s what we did in Massachusetts, and that is, we put together an exchange, and the president’s copying that idea. I’m glad to hear that.” Watch video

Romney, Oct. 18, 2011: “Obamacare is bad news … and if I’m president of the United States I will repeal it.” Transcript and Video

I could write an article on Romney’s Political gaffs but I will use only one too illustrate my point.

Not only is your word your bond, in order to win the Presidency you need to energize your base and connect with the voter. This is something that Romney continues to struggle to do.  When I was watching him give his victory speech in Michigan last night I had the feeling that he was a car salesman trying to sell me on something I know I already want. Mitt we understand your views but we do not understand you. I keep asking myself who is this guy really?

When Rick gave his speech in Iowa stating about his grandfather, “And all I could do — eye level — was look at his hands. They were enormous hands. And all I could think was those hands dug freedom for me.”

I looked down at my calloused hands from doing construction and thought of my father who just passed away last year and those hard callused hands he had.  Not just from working on the railways of the light rail transit of Pittsburgh, but those who also fought as a Navy Seal. He gave up his youth to give me, and so many others the freedoms we take for granted. Rick touched something so very personal and deep within my core.  For the first time I thought, wow a candidate that I can relate to on at least some level.

Not only does he stir up my deep convictions he also cherishes my views of balancing the budget and cutting taxes. No one wants to talk about cutting programs for the poor and needy, but it is an issue that needs to be addressed. I am not against welfare or helping others who have lost their jobs and need to collect unemployment. What I am against is Americans who abuse the system and make it a way of life.  Since I do construction in a State that has bad winters I collect unemployment when I am laid off due to lack of work because of inclement weather.  But I do not make it a way of life it is something I do so that I can get through 3 months of inclement weather then I go back to work.  Rick’s work on the Welfare Reform act of 1996 was a great piece of legislation that helped many Americans escape the poverty line and enter back into the workforce.

In addition to that he also championed reform entitlement programs to cut spending.  We blue collar workers do hard manual labor that requires a disciplined work effort.  Rick champions these ideas.  My only concern is that Rick is now supporting the right to work effort, which I feel is a bad choice.  Since I am in the Labor Union I feel that it is imperative that we be able to negotiate for better wages and health care.  The Right to Work Law takes away these collective bargaining rights.  Now I can understand that policeman, teachers and local officials should not be able to go on strike and paralyze a city. Here is what Santorum said about the Right to Work Law in a Debate on September 22nd 2011. Those of us who do construction work on highways; bridges and sewer systems should have the right to collectively bargain.  I would only hope Rick would change his views on this one issue and go back to his roots of supporting the Union on this one issue.

Finally, the issue that has recently been hurting Santorum is his hard line religious views, and the topic of contraception (Santorum never said he wanted to ban birth control).  The majority of Americans feel that the use of contraception is not morally wrong. I feel that most women should have the right to use contraception if they so choose.  I understand that it is against the Catholic faith to use contraception, but not everyone that works for the Catholic hospitals, schools and churches are Catholic.  The law does not force people to use contraception; it only makes it an available choice for women.  But once again I commend Rick for staying true to his beliefs and doing what he feels is right.  Once again I say we know who Rick is unlike, Mitt.  Watch Rick Santorum’s interview on Meet the Press with David Gregory on the topic of contraception.

In conclusion, if you are a Reagan Democrat trying to make a choice for a President that upholds your values and gets you motivated to champion your fiscal and social conservative values Rick Santorum is the obvious choice.  I urge any Reagan Democrat who is looking for an alternative to Obama to take a good look at Rick Santorum and his views.  Furthermore, for those Republicans who are on the fence, just ask yourself, “Can Mitt Romney win the votes of moderate democrats and independents?” Take a look at a head to head comparison of Romney’s and Santorum’s election records.

If you truly want to vote President Obama out of office, you are going to need someone to win over independents and Reagan Democrats.  No Republican can win the Presidency without these votes.  So think long and hard about that and make the obvious choice for Rick Santorum. There is a lot more I would like to talk about but I will save it for another time.  I hope that those that read this keep an open mind.  Remember this is only my opinion.

Help Rick Santorum send Barack Obama packing!

Edited by Brian Hughes

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